Monday, June 25, 2007

Mike and Key ARC 15m Station at Field Day 2007

My first time at Field day 2007 with the Mike and Key club at Fort Flagler

Mary E. K

Mary E. K

Testament to my Mother

Born 4/11/1934 - Died 7/9/2007

"Betty" is survived by her 3 children Kristie, Stephen and Richard. 8 grandchildren, Shannon, Joey, Stephanie, Casey, Sara, Stephen, Jamie and Sierra and 9 great-grandchildren.
Betty was born and raised in Portage, Wisconsin. Here is a link to her obituary in the Portage paper

Betty was born and raised in Portage, WI.

She married and moved to California with her husband and three kids. Betty divorced in 1965 and found herself a single mom with three kids to support and no job skills.

She waited tables at first to support her 3 children, while doing that she taught herself how to keypunch, then working as a keypunch operator she learned to operate main frame computers. While doing data entry and operating, she studied and learn two programming languages. She ended up as a data processing manager after a long career as a skilled computer programmer. She resided in Simi Valley, California for most of her adult life, after retirement she move to Sacramento to be close to her three granddaughters.
Betty was a pretty remarkable woman, working in a field that was primarily a man's field, during the days when women were not paid equally, nor valued as employees. She supported 3 kids by working 2 and 3 jobs. Paid for her house and made sure there was food and clothing. She died peacefully surrounded by her granddaughters and her daughter. Her ex-husband paid for her cremation.

My mother taught me that anything is possible if I put my mind to doing it and do so without fear, it has helped me have a fulfilling and happy life. I admire her greatly.